The Infighting Must Stop

Yesterday I had Fox News on and Neil Cavuto’s show was airing. Cavuto was talking about the movie Lincoln and how different the GOP is today. He went on to say that we have lost our way as a party.

Similarly, Mark Levin on facebook keeps pumping the idea that the Republicans are terrible and straying from what we’re all about. I’ve heard others slamming the party as in a crisis, on the brink of a civil war, divided. Articles on the internet slam Boehner for his fiscal cliff deal and tsk tsk the House.

There is some truth in all of this. However, I don’t find it constructive criticism and I don’t find it fair. Sure, we’ve suffered a defeat. We are not where we wanted to be. The culture has been shaped by the media to be against us.

But a little soul searching is not a bad thing for a person or for a party. It will help us get where we want to be. Let’s just not get carried away with the analysis lest we kill the patient.

Right now the Democrats think things are going their way. They think they are on top and will stay there. Maybe, but I doubt it. I’ve said before that they always overreach. You can count on it. Their antics eventually catch up with them and repulse the public. It will come.

There will be events they cannot shape that occur. There will be defeats for the Democrats and victories for us. It’s just how the world works. Anytime you think everything is perfect, something comes along and shakes you up.

Besides, the Democrat party is far from perfect. Talk about losing their identity! They are far from where they were even 20 years ago. They are not our father’s and grandfather’s party. The path they are on is previewed by what’s going on in Europe and it’s not pretty. It will begin to happen here and shake the average American – or low information voter, or moron – and cause them to rethink their beliefs. At some point, debt catches up with you as do lies and propaganda.

The election of 2014 is still a long ways off. What is happening now in our party will not be the focus of voters in November of 2014. Even the most notable issues now will dim as the months and years pass. We have time to realign and plan our path. It’s not the time to eat our own.

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