Actor Has the Right Stuff

I don’t know about other people. I know guys who aren’t open about it, and I know guys that are. It’s a personal choice for everyone, and I try not to judge. But everybody at Justified knows, and it doesn’t seem to bother them. We joke about it. A couple of the writers talked to me approvingly when I did the “Yellow Flowers” ad for Herman Cain. And I always get people coming up to me at the craft service table and whispering, “Hey Buddy. I’m on your side.” So I just try to have fun with it, be myself, and engage if someone engages me. There’s no time to talk politics at work anyway. Everybody knows that with me, “Don’t start none, won’t be none.”

Funny story though: the other day, in the middle of a take, my phone was in my pocket and RUSH LIMBAUGH suddenly started playing on my phone in the middle of the take. One of my great fellow stars in the show (I won’t say who) says “Oh great, now we’ve got Rush Limbaugh in the show!” I said, “Hey wait a minute. HOW DO YOU KNOW HIS VOICE?”

That’s actor Nick Searcy talking about his conservative values. If you’ve ever watched the FX series “Justified” you probably liked Chief Deputy Art Mullen who tries to keep hero Raylan Givens on the straight path – and alive.

Seems he’s a conservative and reads the conservative blog Ace of Spades. The bloggers decided to ask him a few questions about his beliefs. You can read the interview at

Good to know everyone out there is not in the other camp. If you haven’t watched the show (and yes, Rush is also a fan of it), you have a treat in store.

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