Obama’s Backward World

It is striking how the “progressives” led by President Obama are the least progressive people in the United States today, if you understand the word to mean advancement and reform.

Why do I say that? Listening to Glenn Beck brought me to that conclusion. Beck, since he left Fox News, has branched out to form an amazing empire. He has a daily radio show, but he now has formed a network, The Blaze TV, that single handedly may revive journalism.

He has been revealing his plans on his radio and internet show this week:

Glenn said that many things would be happening in the next sixty days for The Blaze. He explained that the network would soon have a “Global Information Headquarters” located in New York City, hinting at a new location with noted significance that will cause people to take notice. TheBlaze would also have three new bureau offices, some of which would be located overseas. He also announced plans to expand the news team with a focus on investigative journalism.

Glenn also announced expanded programming. First, he said that “For the Record” would soon be launching as a periodic news magazine show similar to “60 Minutes”.He also said that he was planning to launch a new nightly news show similar to “Nightline”, but noted cautioned that his business and programming teams have warned him that it would be “impossible” to accomplish this in 2013. Glenn disagrees.

“Our Nightline will be a nightly half hour broadcast to update you on a topic that no one else quite frankly has the balls to do. I will,” he said.

He also plans to have live news updates during TheBlaze throughout the broadcast day.

Glenn then shifted gears to technology, focusing on an exciting second screen experience. Glenn explained that using an iPad, viewers would be able to delve into an enhanced experience that would allow them to access more information than can be shown on the television screen.

The second screen feature, which is still in development, would allow viewers to find and view primary sources, purchase books and items mentioned on the show, participate in live polls, and delve further into the videos and charts showcased during the monologues.

Is anyone else in network TV even contemplating doing such things?

Beck also talked about the new technology ahead that will revolutionize our lives. Did you know that you now can – with the right equipment – make a gun on a 3D printer? You can. You will be able to make other items, too, which will completely change the manufacturing status in the world.

Do you see Barack Obama or any of the Democrats even mentioning these innovations? No. Just think how being able to make your own gun renders moot all the talk about gun control. On this issue, the Democrats and Obama have just one thought: curtail your gun rights. That’s the answer they had a hundred years ago. They have no new ideas about it at all.

And this is true in issues across the board. Obama is very backward looking if you think about it. The only forward thinking he’s had has been his campaign slogan and his method for getting out votes for himself. Other than that, we are stuck with debt solving by more taxes; women’s rights meaning more abortions; energy expansion can only be done with the very old idea of windmills and the reliance on solar energy that has not been reliable for decades.

Topics like race relations devolve into every American must be freed from it by hate legislation and free speech monitoring. Education can only be done the old fashioned way; no vouchers or other plans get the slightest consideration. Social Security can’t be changed either, but ramped up through more taxes. Health care is an issue relying on the old European socialist plan and that doesn’t seem to help citizens get better care or encourage new treatments.

The progressive world is actually a very regressive one. Their world is still a world of segregated lunch counters, women kept barefoot and pregnant and gays hiding in closets. They inhabit the 30s, 40s and 60s. They refuse to see that America has bettered herself. It’s not to their advantage.

Sad, really, that they mask everything in these lies. Forward? Hardly.

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