Outrage of the Day

Obama’s hint that he will use an executive order to implement gun control was outed today. Biden spewed it as a kind of stalking horse to start the machinations to find support to take away Americans’ guns.

This is not just an outrage. It’s an assault on the Constitution. It is a grave offense, much too serious to be made fun of under this blog segment.

But with Obama, there is always a plethora of outrages going on. The Weekly Standard reported that President Obama will host a screening of the sitcom 1600 Penn. His schedule shows that at 4:45 p.m. Obama will host cast and crew members of the television show for a screening at the White House. The screening is closed to the press.

Former Obama speech writer Jon Lovett helped come up with 1600 Penn. “Jon Lovett, co-creator and head writer of the new television show1600 Penn … once called President Barack Obama his boss,” USNews.com reported.

Critics have called the show “terrible,” “bad,” and “with nothing especially funny, or smart, or clever, either.”

One could say the same for his administration, eh?

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