Check It Out

We who respect the truth admit that our Founding Fathers would not recognize this country anymore. They would be appalled to think we could not have the kind of light bulb we want in our own home; are forced by our own government to buy health insurance; have a government that wants to disarm innocent citizens; and hosts of other restrictions on freedom.

I thought about this when I visited our public library today. It’s always striking that checking out books has gone from its main purpose to a side activity. Benjamin Franklin would shake his head to see the sign I saw today. It offered a presentation at such and such a time on how to buy a used car.

We are wasting tax payer money on this? And on how to do your taxes and a variety of other things unrelated to enlightening the public. What a shame!

No wonder people visiting it looked like the woman I saw today. She had a sparkly, silver top, short skirt and shiny silver boots that went up to her thighs. Do you think she was researching a project? Comparing Keynes and Hayek economic theories? She was pursuing something, but it was probably unrelated to higher education.

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