Outrage of the Day

Ever since Senator Obama launched his presidential campaign from the steps of the Old Illinois State Capitol in Springfield (the site of Abraham Lincoln’s famous “house divided” speech) he has been pushing this idea that he is the new Lincoln.

At his inauguration in 2009, Barack Obama used Lincoln’s Bible to be sworn in as president. He has suggested that he and Lincoln share the quality of uniting a divided country and bringing freedom and equality to more Americans.

That suggestion is disgusting, but even more so is the media’s embrace of it. They have become so enamored of this comparison that they are embarrassing themselves.

Filmmaker Steven Spielberg, among others, is pushing hard for Obama on this. Hedecided to release his film on Lincoln the week Obama was reelected. Coincidence? No. But don’t take my word for it. From Newsbusters:

Eager to draw a comparison between Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln during a report for Saturday’s NBC Nightly News, correspondent Kevin Tibbles observed of the new film about the nation’s 16th president: “No coincidence, perhaps, the film opens the week America’s 21st century President won re-election in difficult times fraught with partisan bickering. Times in which many ask, what would Lincoln do?”

Tibbles suggested the similarity immediately following a sound bite from director Steven Spielberg: “Lincoln advocated things we hold dear today. He advocated that government can be a positive force for the good of all people.”

But it didn’t end there. MSNBC host Chris Jansing commented, “But I don’t know that even he (Spielberg) could have predicted that at this moment when it’s being released, there were these parallels, that you have a president who is newly elected, who faces a divided Congress and a divided country.”

Pleez! If anyone has divided the country it’s Barack Hussein Obama.

The other day came news that Obama would once again use Lincoln’s Bible for his second swearing in ceremony. In case you didn’t make the connection the first time, I suppose.

Today the Weekly Standard writes that Obama will deliver his state of the union address on February 12, Lincoln’s birthday.

OK, both Lincoln and Obama launched themselves from Illinois, but that is the end of the comparison. In no other way are they alike. Even their parties are different. Lincoln, Obama would have you forget, was a Republican. He had a deep belief in God (the Christian one) and loved the Constitution.

So enough of this slimy attempt to put yourself in Lincoln’s league, Obama. Lincoln must be spinning in his grave.

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