Cohen Shoots Off About Guns

You’d think that after Al Gore sold out Current TV to Al Jazeera, Rep. Steve Cohen might have some misgivings about appearing on that channel. No. He’s like so many Democrats – put a microphone somewhere and he’ll run towards it, no matter who is holding it.

Cohen appeared to talk about the issue of gun control and possible legislation. His reference was that well known thinker Bob Dylan and his song Blowin’ in the Wind. I know that’s where I go when I want an intelligent, deep examination of an issue. Cohen also amuses himself by saying about Republicans: “The NRA is part of their DNA.” So very clever! I guess our Founding Fathers were gun nuts, too, since they made that silly 2nd amendment thingy.

He and the host then go on to talk about how out of touch and stupid Republicans are. The host says, “After a congresswoman getting shot in the head didn’t do it, massacre after massacre didn’t do it. Is there any amount of murder and mayhem in this country that would actually push the Republicans to schedule a vote on this in the House?”

See for yourself.

If only you could pass a bill and make it that no one would even think of acting violently, then we’d say do it. But you can’t get in peoples heads and make them stop being violent. Take away their guns and they’ll use knives. Take those away and they’ll use hammers. The violence comes from the person, not the tool.

Democrats don’t want to take a look at the cause of this youth violence. How about looking at daycare and seeing whether the anger and resentment that builds up in kids for being abandoned might play a role in it. How about looking at violent video games? How about a look at their beloved Hollywood and it’s love of violent movies as a cause? Or, the Democrat moves that took mentally ill people out of homes to roam unrestricted on the streets?

You won’t see that happen because it reveals their culpability in today’s violence. Need proof? Look at Chicago, one of the most murderous cities in the U.S. which has been run by Democrats for decades and has strict gun control laws to no avail. Everything that goes on there has been sanctioned and blessed by a very liberal Democrat populace. And it’s not working.

Cohen doesn’t want you to think about how helpless we would be against a tyrannical government if no one but them had guns. For us, and our Founders, this was a great threat. Today, more than ever, with Obama and the liberals in office, it is at the greatest domestic threat level in our history.

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