What We’re Up Against

Every Friday Glenn Beck’s radio show holds a contest they call More On Trivia. They introduce it as as “two teams of infinitesimal intellect (who) will collide in a cloud of glory; mental gladiators capable of turning a minor incline into an unscalable summit; dope vs. dimwit; dunce vs. dolt; moron vs. moron in an epic battle of nitwits.”

The premise is that they take two football teams who will compete in an important game over the weekend, choose their home city and call a convenience store there and talk to two employees. They then ask them exceedingly easy questions to see if they can give the correct answer.

The result is something akin to a train wreck. You don’t want to see it, but you are drawn to it anyhow. If anyone wants to know the level of knowledge average Americans have, listen to this show once. You will be astounded.

For instance, this week contestants were asked to name which event is the more recent: the Vietnam War or Desert Storm. One woman had no idea. They were then asked to name two of the Great Lakes. None could name two. One contestant guessed they were in Brazil!

Two were asked what country Thai food comes from. One guessed India; the second had no idea. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Previous questions included who was Betsy Ross? An actress. Who was Kate Middleton? A Congresswoman. Who rules in a monarchy? A president.

After listening to it and laughing, you can’t help but be depressed.

We Republicans think our fellow Americans have at least a basic knowledge of the world. They don’t. We figure they are capable of understanding issues. They aren’t. Most of them have an image in their head of what the media tells them – if they are paying attention. They are unquestioning at all levels.

We look to ourselves for the reasons we have lost elections. We ask haven’t we made our case? Didn’t we show what happens? Don’t they see the Democrat failure in their paycheck and standard of living?

No. Not at all. What most Americans see is a shallow, cartoon type rendering of American history and politics. Thank you liberal schools, liberal television, Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert. Hope you’re happy when collapse comes.

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