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Some dire thoughts coming from the Republican Insider.

On John Brennan:

So we have a guy now being considered for the Obama CIA who was instrumental in the terrorist attack of September 11th through his work both in the Clinton and GW Bush administrations. Someone who I feel was as much an architect of 9-11 as Osama Bin Laden. A guy who was also instrumental in the raid on the Bin Laden compound of 2011. The guy who announced the Seal Team Six involvement that likely led to some of them being shot out of the sky a short time later. The guy who has helped to develop the Obama drone program, the kill lists that Obama loves so much, and who admitted publicly of drone strikes throughout North Africa and the Middle East. Strikes with basically no Congressional oversight. Strikes that if you look over the timeline, became predictors of conflict hotspots in those same areas. Brennan’s drones would go in, create some isolated destruction and chaos, and then much larger chaos in those locations would then follow.

And more:

I am putting to you the very real possibility that John Brennan wanted Osama Bin Laden alive in the late 90s so the events that developed into September 11th, 2001 could take place. Read that again and if you are asking yourself if I’m really saying what I’m saying, the answer And I’m also going to say that what was going on in Benghazi in the months and weeks before the more recent September 11th attacks are very similar to what Brennan was coordinating during his years inside the Clinton administration. Bin Laden had become a liability and a tool for some serious propaganda. Benghazi was part of something to create another Bin Laden. I want you to think back on America before the 2001 attacks, and after. What has happened since then? A huge expansion of the federal government, even further expansion of the United Nations, the destruction of the U.S. dollar, the rise of China. All of this in just a decade. Imagine if another similar event, perhaps one with even more destruction, were to take place? How much greater and faster and more complete will the globalist expansion be then?

On leadership and the lack thereof:

If conservatives don’t rise up again and take seats back in the Congress, then the chips will really start to fall around us. The word has gone out that every big issue is going to be in play in the coming months. Immigration, guns, taxes, spending, military budget, environmental regulations, all of it. The whole progressive globalist agenda is going to be pushed into the open and accelerated during Obama’s second term and the only thing standing in the way of that agenda being completed are the few remaining true conservatives in Congress. They want to destroy conservatives, and they’re doing it. Day by day. Conservatism is dying. I see it all around me now. People who just a few months ago would have spoken up are silent. If 2014 does not go well enough for us, then those two Supreme Court positions Jarrett talked about having wrapped up before the election, will happen. I have no doubt about it now.

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