Ill Wind Blows for Chris Christie

What happened to our Republican, common sense, fiscally responsible New Jersey Governor Chris Christie?

He seems to have gone over to the dark side. Was it Hurricane Sandy that blew into his head, scrambled his brains and started him talking like a Democrat? The natural disaster has been disastrous to his sanity.

Christie embraced Obama like a brother when he invited him to tour the destruction Sandy had wrought in New Jersey. He more or less snubbed his former pal, Mitt Romney, allowing Obama to appear caring and compassionate while Romney seemed aloof.

Then he had a hissy fit about Sandy funding and put John Boehner in his crosshairs. Christie’s complaints about the delay in Sandy funds was petulant. Christie, who took on the mantle of fiscal responsibility in his campaign, suddenly did an about face and threw caution to the (Sandy) winds to pressure Boehner into a pork filled bill. He didn’t win many supporters on Capitol Hill with that stunt.

Now he’s targeted the NRA for their very forceful and appropriate internet ad questioning Obama’s OK of armed guards at his daughters’ schools, while withholding it from everyone else. According to CBS News:

Christie is labeling “reprehensible” the National Rifle Association ad that brought President Barack Obama’s daughters into the gun-control debate.

The Republican governor and father of four said at a briefing Thursday in Trenton that the children of public figures should be off-limits to political attacks.

Christie again refused to take a position on Obama’s call for a federal assault weapons ban. The governor says he has no influence over what Congress and the president decide.

Christie has said he supports New Jersey’s current gun laws. They include an assault weapons ban in place for 21 years.

What is reprehensible is Christie’s turnabout on Republicans and Republican issues. Other governors have stayed loyal to their stated beliefs – Scott Walker, Rick Perry and John Kasich to drop a few names – even in the face of popular opinion. Christie, on the other hand, is blowin’ in the wind.

So are his chances of becoming a GOP presidential candidate.

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