Why Gun Control Measures Are Obsolete

Previously, I’ve talked about how people can now make a gun just by using a printer. On his internet show, Glenn Beck talked with a man who has done just that.

He explains:

In a segment during Beck’s TV program about The Singularity, a technology-evolutionary jump, Cody Wilson was talking about his success in using 3D printers to actually make plastic guns. (Cody Wilson has actually fired these printed components — see video below.) Beck also showed a functional, high-capacity magazine that was made by the WikiWeapons project using a 3D printer.

Here’s the discussion he had:

So when the president, senators and media people talk about the need for harsh gun control they are not considering the technology that is already here. It makes all their blather irrelevant and goes to show how ignorant they are and how unaware of the future.

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