40 Tragic Years

With the nightmare of yesterday over, today is another noteworthy day. Again, it’s not a good one.

Forty years ago today the Supreme Court in Roe V. Wade gave Americans the right to murder. Not just to murder anyone, but the frailest, most helpless of our citizens.

In his homily today, my parish priest discussed this. He reiterated the saying of a fellow priest that “the devil wore black robes that day.” Indeed. He noted that many generations alive today have grown up with Roe v. Wade as the law of the land. They can’t remember a time before it; a time when morals were not in decay. In fact, it has led to so many not recognizing right and wrong anymore or the moral decay surrounding us.

Father mentioned that when Mother Teresa was asked what the greatest evil in the world was she did not reply war, violence or lack of civil rights. She replied “abortion.” That may shock people, but not people who are willing to reflect.

Abortion, now sanctioned by our government, destroys the most important relationship God has made. It makes it OK for a mother to condemn her own child to death. Once that holy bond is gone, how can anything else develop? If you look around, you’ll see it can’t, hasn’t and won’t.

Abortion opened the door to assisted suicide, embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia and gay marriage. Before 40 years ago Americans understood and protected marriage. There were fewer divorces and fewer children growing up torn between two parents. We wonder why so much violence among the young? Why the Newtown massacres, why the Colorado movie shootings? Why would young people be so callous as to happily snuff the life of another? The death of the family has a lot to do with it, not guns.

Alarmingly, the trend among young people to disapprove of abortion has changed. A news show on the radio this morning announced the new poll results. It seems 70% of Americans now want to see Roe v. Wade continue. About 56% believe abortion is OK; more if you add on the proviso of cases of rape or incest.

President Obama has done well in furthering this, with the help of many “Catholics” and “Christians.” When they invite him to speak at their college campuses or honor him at churches they are furthering his cause. When they outweigh this with other forms of social justice he promotes, they promote abortion then, too.

What will they do with the Affordable Care Act that forces hospitals to perform abortions and give out contraceptives? If the public is not with them, they may just fold. If this happens, expect even more tragedy and violence to ensue.

As in so many issues, passing a law for or against something doesn’t make it happen or prevent it. The character of a peoples must be what makes a society work. Abortion has taken a buzz saw to the structure of the state. How much longer can it stand?

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