The New Prohibition

You could probably get almost 100% of Americans to agree that Prohibition was a bad idea.

Take away our Cosmos, our Pinot Grigio, our beer? Citizens today would be outraged. They’d ask why the government has the right to take away the judicious use of alcohol from Americans? Clearly, it doesn’t and didn’t have that right under our Constitution. But it happened.

How? In that era, the government decided that the health of Americans suffered because of booze and thus were able to get it restricted. They also decided it was a moral question effecting others, especially children. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Of course, it didn’t work. People drank as much as ever and drank more injurious concoctions than ever. The sale of booze didn’t stop, it just went underground. The result was the growth of crime and criminal organizations. The Mafia and people like Joe Kennedy made enormous amounts of money and their influence is still around, in a bad way, hurting Americans.

“Progressives” like to point to marijuana and say it is similar issue. They argue that if pot were legal, it would bring revenue via taxes (always something that stirs government interest). It would be better regulated and don’t we all have the right to do with out bodies what we want?

There are lots of reasons those arguments are not valid. But what is interesting is that the same arguments that liberals like to use about Prohibition and marijuana more aptly apply to gun control. Why no one points this out, I cannot fathom.

The Founding Fathers thought the matter of guns so important, they enshrined the right in the second amendment. Anyone who believes in the Constitution would have to scuttle plans for the kind of gun control the Democrats are suggesting.

As in Prohibition, the country’s culture would not accept losing our right to bear arms. There would still be people holding on to them and people buying more of them. They would just have to do it criminally, but they would do it. There would be some equivalent to the speakeasy and people readily selling guns to others, whether the government liked it or not. It happens even now; criminals get the guns they want. They don’t let the law stand in their way. If they did, they wouldn’t be criminals already.

Look at Chicago, with the most restrictive gun laws around. It is also one of the most dangerous cities, with seven people shot there over the weekend. Being a gun free zone hasn’t helped. It has hurt. There aren’t any guns in prisons, but plenty of inmates are killed by others anyway. This argument is specious.

As for keeping more Americans alive and healthy, there is no proof that gun control would do that. Can’t get alcohol, you make some. Can’t get guns, you use hammers, knives, box cutters or anything else. People who are mentally ill will find a way to murder. Anyone remember Cain and Abel?

And what of equality? President Obama admitted over the weekend that he likes to shoot at Camp David. Joe Biden admits he has a shot gun. Senator Diane Feinstein supposedly packs, too. Would they be without guns? No. It is a system that works for elites, but not the rest of us.

Liberals aren’t stupid and they realize all this. They just think you are stupid and don’t. In fact, they’re counting on it. It just makes their lives easier if the populace doesn’t have guns.

Fortunately there are still Americans around who haven’t been brainwashed in school and by the media. They must prevail.

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