Malice in Wonderland

Do you ever get the feeling you’ve gone through the looking glass? That you are Alice in the Lewis Carroll story and have suddenly gone from a rational, common sense nation to its opposite?

Last week Obama decided it was time for women to take their place on the front lines. Women were now OK for combat, even though the female body is weaker, able to be pregnant and subject to rape if captured by enemies. No objection from the anti-war Code Pink types who fight against soldiering, strangely enough.

Now it has been announced that the Boy Scouts have OK’d gays for troop leaders. We’re not just talking acceptance of gay scouts, but now their leaders. What happened to the people concerned about child molestation? Will it be about boy scouting or scouting for boys? Where are the people who complain about priests being too close to altar boys? Is this a non issue now?

Sunday we got the news that President Obama likes to shoot. He says he does skeet shooting all the time at Camp David. Then, it appears that Vice President Biden has a shotgun and queen of the gun control advocates Senator Diane Feinstein usually packs. Again, what is real in this scenario?

Obama’s admission came on Sixty Minutes. This was, at one time, a news magazine. Journalists would sit down with important leaders and hope they’d squirm under difficult questions. If you didn’t get some squirming, your reporter cred would drop. With Steve Kroft, his interview was more like a respectful high tea. Lady Hillary, would you like some more sugar in my sycophantic brew? President Obama, you are so amusing. Too bad you have to work with so many inferiors!

Kroft should be ashamed, but he isn’t. Neither was former Vice President Al Gore when he sold out his pro-environment, anti-global warming network to Arabs who make a fortune destroying what he would consider our fragile planet with their drilling.

It’s quite a world we’re in right now. Right is wrong and wrong is right. Things are not what they seem or should be.

Alice might have realized the Looking Glass was a dream. For us, it’s a nightmare. Who’s to say when we wake up?

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