More Through the Looking Glass

The list of Alice in Blunderland experiences for Americans grows and will keep growing.

Here’s a few more to add to our feeling that we are replicating Alice’s feeling that she has gone through the looking glass into a strange, opposite world.

According to Obama, he would have serious doubts about whether his son – if he had one – would be allowed to play football. Obama said he’d have to spend time thinking about it after all the injuries sustained by professional players. However, he has no compunction, I suppose, about his daughters having abortions or taking contraceptives. What kind of American values are these?

Then there’s this from Gatewaypundit:

The Obama Administration banned junk food in school vending machines last year. School meals will now have to offer fruits and vegetables to students every day under standards issued by the United States Department of Agriculture. Food and beverages sold in vending machines will also have to meet nutritional standards.

But, Morning After Plan B pills are OK.

The Obama administration has approved a request by a college in Pennsylvania to sell the Plan B drug through a vending machine. The Food and Drug Administration will let Shippensburg University continue to dispense the morning after pill via a machine that it installed in the school nurse’s office.

Watch for more of this.

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