AP’s Hilarious Report

Perhaps you saw the headlines about the GDP contraction yesterday. Liberal journalists (am I repeating myself?) hurried to find some way to slant this for Obama’s benefits. Yes, even bad news can be spun into gold by these sycophants.

The AP seems to be the one in charge on this battlefront. They write something and the rest of the “reporters” follow their lead. Not the way journalism is supposed to work, but how it is done now. “Unexpected” is a word they use for cover and miraculously that word pops up in every article and broadcast. Does “unexpected” make it any more palatable?

Anyhow, the Commercial Appeal gave a subhead on the story: “Slow restocking, fiscal cliff fear cited for last quarter slip.” Huh? Slow restocking? Fiscal cliff fear? This quarter covers October through December. Do you remember people that worried about the fiscal cliff deal that far away? Many figured it would be resolved in a Romney presidency, so dismissed it.

That’s really scraping the bottom of the news barrel with those ideas. But, it gets better. The AP adds “the government slashed military spending” to the litany of reasons why the economy is diving. I thought liberals hate spending on the military. You’d think they’d be rejoicing. Maybe they’re not because it’s not true.

AP goes on to say that “the likelihood of another recession appears remote.” Not much of a comforting opinion when you consider how “unexpected” they find so much bad economic news. Isn’t it mathematically still believed that when numbers go down significantly it is, well, significant? Is a minus now a plus with these people, especially when it’s a trend?

“Congressional Republicans seemed determined to permit deep cuts to defense and domestic programs to kick in as scheduled March 1,” they continued. Republicans only hold one third of the power. How can they be responsible for the economy? We also don’t like to cut defense, but it’s the only thing Obama is willing to slash.

The hilarious part is when the AP quotes Paul Ashworth, an economist at Capital Economics is quoted: “Frankly, this is the best looking contraction in U.S. GDP you’ll ever see.” Ask that to people who have been looking for a job for years. Or the small businesses that have had to close. Or families who have had to cut back drastically just to keep afloat.

Finally, the pinata the press has enjoyed using since it happened gets a blame too. “Hurricane Sandy” is still dragging on the economy they say. I don’t remember the GDP dropping like this during a worse Hurricane, Katrina.

How do they explain the drop in consumer confidence that was recorded this week, too. A sign of budding optimism?

Notice how the words “national debt” or “deficit” doesn’t get a mention at all.

Tomorrow they get another chance at propagandizing with the release of the monthly unemployment numbers. If it’s bad the AP will find a. someone to blame (Republicans) or b. someone to blame (Republicans). That’s assuming the government doesn’t massage the number, which it usually does.

Business as usual.

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