Rambo Now Dumbo

Sylvester Stallone, he of the macho, gun wielding, bullet spraying movies, now says he’s for gun control.


Has he had a change of heart? Is he a hypocrite? What’s going on?

He’s doing the same thing our president does. Whenever you’re guilty of something, in this case proliferating a gun culture via your movies, the best way to escape scorn is to turn around and immediately accuse another of your sin. For instance, when President Obama was a candidate, he slammed President Bush for his spending. He even called it unpatriotic. Once he became president, Obama spent beyond anything any other president had dreamed of. How did he escape scorn? He blamed Bush.

Stallone is doing the same thing. By joining the chorus of liberals slamming guns, he gets a kind of immunity. He speaks up and they forget the shooting up.

Both the movie actor and the Commander in Chief get by with it because they have correctly read the American people. They know we are dumb enough to believe it. With the average LoVo attention span about two hours, there is no chance that the majority of our countrymen will waste time using any gray matter.

For those of us who do, it’s a frustrating time.

And, yes, Stallone is a hypocrite.

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