Smarting Over Meters

The way is being paved for the Smart Meters. Those are the devices the government via its utility providers can put in a home and monitor energy use.

That’s one explanation for them. It’s stupid enough that people will believe it, evidently. Does no one question why anyone needs these things? Use more energy, pay more. Cut your usage and your bill will go down. It’s that simple. We don’t need anyone to tell us that, but they have persuaded many of us that we do.

The real purpose is to control our energy use. What would stop legislators from passing a law telling us the limits on usage and checking on it with the already installed meters? Then it’s car usage. Then food intake. The smart meter is the “entry drug.” Their lust for control over our everyday lives knows no end.

Look at the way this is being presented. I saw this in no less than Family Circle magazine. You would think a publication like that would be apolitical. Not anymore. And that’s how the government us doing it, by placing innocuous articles across all media. Consider this from Family Circle’s article on homes in the future:

This future hinges on smart power meters, which allow utility companies to manage a home or neighborhood’s power consumption via a wireless internet connection. Currently (pun intended) less than a third of North America’s 140 million power meters are smart, according to Dave Buster of Elster, a meter manufacturer. In 10 years, nearly all will be. That will be a game changer because once every home has a smart meter, utility companies can manage power much more efficiently. As in, when your solar panels capture more energy than your home requires, you can sell that excess to the power grid. If cold, cloudy weather leaves your panels lacking, you can buy energy as needed. The smart meter will handle everything and the transactions will be detailed on your bill.

Except that solar energy has never been viable like that. Of course, by that time you’ll have the smart meter installed and the government has a foot in your door with an eye towards checking and directing your behavior.

This initiative must be stopped at the local level. States can act by giving citizens a choice about allowing the smart meters. Local politicians can and should be made aware that many of us are not sheeple and will not go along with their wish. I intend to email Council man Jim Strickland, the representative for Midtown, to ask his opinion on the matter and indicate that I vehemently object to it.

Strickland can be reached by email at

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