SEAL’s Story Reflects Poorly on Obama

Everyone should read the story in Esquire about the Seal who killed bin Laden. It is here:

Maybe it’s particularly poignant following the funeral of former SEAL Chris Kyle. Does all of this mean much to Obama? Probably not. He ordered flags be flown at half staff for Whitney Houston when she died. Kyle got nothing.

Obama took all the credit for the Bin Laden death. Truth is Obama was reluctant to go through with the mission. Once it happened, he covered himself in glory. The Shooter, as he is called in this excerpt, got no glory. Not that he would have wanted it; being a SEAL they don’t seek it out. But he could use some help in entering civilian life. It is a black spot on the Obama administration that the man is now homeless and has no medical coverage and no job. You’d think his expertise would be wanted by our government. He would be perfect for advising on training, wouldn’t he? Instead, they pushed him aside.

Remember that $25 million promised to whoever helped find and get Bin Laden? According to the Shooter, no one got anything. The administration claims technology did it. I don’t recall technology going into the compound and sending Bin Laden to his virgin demons. The poor Pakistani doctor who helped us got nothing as well. He’s languishing in a prison to our disgrace.

Hollywood, however, has profited with several movies and TV shows about the raid. They always get a cut, don’t they?

Reading this article, I can’t help but imagine what would have happened had this been executed in the Bush years. GWB would never have allowed the SEAL team members to have their covers blown or to suffer in civilian life later. Bush had too much integrity to see that happen.

Not Obama, though. He made the “I killed Osama” part of his campaign schtick. It worked. He’ll use it again, I’m sure. He’ll make sure the history books record him as the hero.

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