State of the Union Preview

This will probably be the least watched SOTU ever. Why? We all had a gut full of Obama in the campaign, which never ended, by the way. And, we’ve heard it all before.

There is a fatalism in the country and a sense of depression, too. That sends people escaping to other TV shows. Harsh reality is with us during the day time. No one wants an extra portion of gloom served up after dinner.

We all know what we’re going to hear anyway. We all also know that the media coverage of it will be effusive. Here’s a synopsis for you.

“We must end gun violence.” Applause, camera pans to gun violence victims in the audience.

“We must all pay our fair share.” For Obama, that is most of your salary.

“The rich must pay their fair share.” He’ll work in a dig at Republicans. Camera will pan to them hoping for a scowl.

“Jobs are my top priority.” Yeah, like they were at every SOTU until the next morning at 6 a.m.

“We’re in a recovery.” …from the terrible Bush years that look better every year.

“Green energy. Isn’t it fantastic.” We just need more money to see that it actually works in another 10-15 years.

“We’re pulling out of Iraq.” We’re pulling out of everywhere and if we could, we’d neuter any American male with a little testosterone floating in his body.

“The world respects us more now.” Which is why North Korea decided to spit in his eye with nuke threats today.

The only thing that might be interesting about the SOTU is whether Biden manages to stay awake. Will he clap at inappropriate times or do they have someone to tell him in his ear when to do it?

I would also like to see if Justice Roberts shows his face. Now that he is Obama’s No. 1 toady, he is probably hoping for a shout out.

We’ll also have to put up with critique of Michelle Obama’s dress. I might as well tell you now. She looked fabulous. She was fit and energetic. Her (fill in the blank) dress was very chic and you should all go out and get one now, although you’ll never approach her wonderfulness.

How long will the speech be is another unknown. I’m betting for a long one. Obama will not let his recent election victory go by quickly. He’ll want to savor every minute of his revenge.

Save yourself the trouble and watch anything else. It’s too near bedtime to get upset.

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