Rubio Drank Water; Career Over

It appears Marco Rubio has a drinking problem.

According to liberal pundits, when the Florida Republican gave the rebuttal to Obama’s State of the Union address, he reached for a bottle of water and now he’s washed up as a presidential candidate.

Never mind the content of the speech. It’s all about appearances.

Of course, this is all ridiculous. We can expect a lot more of it in the future. The Left and the Democrats, which are one and the same now, knows that Rubio is a serious threat to their cadre of stale candidates: Hillary, Andrew Cuomo and Joe Biden. They will take anything they can to smear him and make him look crazy.

That’s the only tactic they have. That’s the one they used in the 2012 election. Barack Obama had nothing to brag about so they played offense. They played well enough to get him back in the Oval, so none of this can be dismissed.

I find it nauseating. Obama, by contrast, is surrounded by an impenetrable shield via the media. We really know so little about his past. Where are his friends from childhood, from Indonesia, from school, from college, from the Illinois legislature, from his Chicago neighborhood? He doesn’t have any. Now that’s weird.

What about family members? He has a half sister but she might as well not exist. Surely there are some cousins out there. We know of George, his Kenyan half brother who never hears from him or gets help from him. Isn’t that odd, too?

As for behavior, what about Obama’s chewing gum during the National Prayer Breakfast? That’s so much worse than drinking water. Does he still smoke? Probably. If the C-in-C were a Republican he’d be held up every day as a terrible role model for our youths. Obama gets away with it. He’s stumbled during speeches plenty of times and even sipped water! Where’s the outrage?

Rubio better not look down at his nails while speaking. He’d better not have a bad hair day. He should check every article of clothing for wrinkles or openings. He better drink a bottle of mouthwash before speaking. His kids better check their clothes, too. Remember how Justice Roberts’ kids were criticized by the Washington Post for wearing too pastel colors?

I keep checking for common sense and decency, but I don’t find it in American media.

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