Obama Outrage of the Day

I don’t mind people paying a lot for an expensive, special occasion dinner. It’s the hypocrisy that is stomach churning.

White House Dossier, perhaps the only website that spotlights Obama’s doings, shared this Valentine’s Day dinner information with readers:

President Obama took First Lady Michelle out for dinner Thursday night to the restaurant Minibar, possibly the most exclusive joint in Washington.

It’s almost impossible to get a reservation – the place seats 12. The dining room includes an open kitchen where you gaze in awe as famed chef Jose Andres cooks you dinner as if you were in his home.

“Each bite is an experience to be savored, pondered, and sometimes puzzled over,” asserts the website for the restaurant.

Which is nice, since each bite probably costs about $10.

That is, the price for tasting approximately 20 small dishes is $225, not including tax and tip, while wine pairings will set you back $75, $120, or $200. If we assume a mid-range $120 for wine, the total comes to $345 per person, or $690 for two. Add in Washington’s 10 percent restaurant dining tax and a 20 percent tip and we’re at $910.80 for dinner.

Surprisingly, the Obamas did not go out for any $900 dinners during the presidential campaign.

While his policies prevent middle class people from pursuing capitalism and becoming rich; while his policies penalize the rich for success; while many have to escape to another country to keep their fortunes; while wealthy are demonized as greedy and uncaring, Barack and Michelle enjoy all the perks their fellow maligned rich people do.

In other words, do as I say, not as I do. In other words, hypocrisy.

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