Obamacare in Critical Condition?

Is that too good to be true? James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal thought so until he read this article written by a leftist. Taranto writes:

“When we saw the headline “Four Ways ObamaCare Could Still Fail,” our reaction was that it sounded like an unrealistically low estimate. But we were intrigued enough to read the article because of the source: TalkingPointsMemo.com, a news site with a strong (and acknowledged) liberal Democratic slant. Its framing as friendly criticism makes the piece, by congressional reporter Sahil Kapur, a powerful indictment of ObamaCare.

“To be sure, it’s not clear Kapur intends to indict ObamaCare, and if he does, he downplays it, presumably in order to avoid alienating his liberal readers or his liberal editors. In his lead paragraph, he summarizes the problem as follows: “Republicans remain committed to botching its implementation, which–along with inherent complexities in implementing parts of the law–leaves in place significant obstacles to achieving its key goals.”

“When you read the rest of the piece, however, it’s clear that the emphasis should be reversed: The law’s deficiencies–or “inherent complexities,” to use Kapur’s obfuscatory euphemism–are the primary difficulty. The Republican commitment to botchery is real, and it does compound ObamaCare’s problems, but it is a secondary problem.”

The four main reasons are outlined in the rest of the article here: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324616604578306191810153854.html.

It drew significant enough attention to pique the curiosity of DW Ulsterman, blogger of various Insiders, to ask the Republican Insider what he thought of this analysis.

“I sent the link to the article to Republican Insider with the following question: “Legit?” and here is the response I just got back:

“Presently it is primarily Republican governors across the nation who are collectively providing the strongest resistance and challenge to Obamacare. If the 2014 Midterms were to provide a few more such governors, and many more conservative Republican members of Congress, then that resistance could quickly grow into outright legislative reversal of many if not all of the Obamacare mandates. The four points laid out in the article are all legit and currently challenging the law right now.

“I told you last month that there was a real movement happening inside the party led by a more newly elected generation of Republicans. Figures like Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Rand Paul, and Senator Tim Scott, as well as several fantastic governors like Governor Nikke Haley and Governor Scott Walker who are doing amazing work pushing back against the liberal agenda in their own states. All of this could easily come together in another very influential midterm election in 2014. The Republican roster is really starting to look very strong. Certainly as strong as I’ve seen it in quite some time, with some incredible representation among woman and minorities despite the false portrayal that continues to be attempted by the Mainstream Media.

“Now here is even better news. The Republican leadership is starting to face that reality. Either they get on board with this movement, or they will be overtaken by it. They will either be part of the solution, or looked on as part of the problem and face a primary challenger with announcements beginning as soon as this summer.

“I’m not going to promise that Obamacare will be repealed, that would be a very tall order, though how great would that be? I do think it is very possible that we see Obamacare reduced greatly in size and scope to where it barely resembles the original bill or the Obama administration’s intentions, which I would consider in incredibly positive thing for the American people.”

As the more onerous parts of it come out, too, you can’t help but hope sanity will prevail and pull us back from the brink of disaster that is Obamacare.

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