The President sure has the touch, doesn’t he? Kind of the reverse Midas touch. There is the economy still going down hill, Solyndra, the Chicago Olympic attempt, funding a battery company that never made one battery; it goes on and on.

The Weekly Standard reports:

Last week, it was announced that Ray’s Hell Burger just outside Washington, D.C. would be closing its doors. A fan of the burger joint was President Obama, who had visited the location with his Russian counterpart.

Well, it’s happened again. In August, Obama visited Star Brewery in Dubuque. And now a local publication reports that the business is closing its doors.

Theonline.com reports:

Star Restaurant and Ultra Lounge apparently has closed.

A sign posted on the front door of the Port of Dubuque restaurant, at 600 Star Brewery Drive, says the business is “permanently closed.”

Owners Matt and Sarah Kluesner, who also own Crust Italian Kitchen & Bar in downtown Dubuque, did not return multiple calls seeking comment.

Star Restaurant was one of the anchor tenants in the Dubuque Star Brewery, which was renovated in recent years and became one of the major attractions in the redeveloped Port of Dubuque.

Mr. President, how about staying away from Memphis?

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