Republican Insider Addresses Sequestration

“Bring on the cuts” is the mantra of the Republican Insider who shares his thoughts on the DW Ulsterman blog.

Here are some snippets from the article available here:

In its present form that was signed off on by Barack Obama and Congress, there would be mandatory cuts of about 1.2 trillion dollars to the budget spread out over almost ten years, or to put it another way, about 120 billion dollars less spending by the government per year. That 1.2 trillion in cuts over ten years actually only reflects one year of the deficit spending by Barack Obama…
They are going to beat the drums as loudly as they can about this and use it to push them to victory in 2014. They also intend, once those cuts start to be enacted, to turn right around and pat themselves on the back for cutting spending. And the fact is, if we look at just how corrupt the media has become over the last five years, the president will get away with doing it…
I say let them have it. Sequester away. Cut away. Cut. Cut. Cut.

Let the cuts happen. Then and only then will people start to realize that they don’t need all this government.

Read the whole thing, which will make you feel better about the GOP stance.

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