And the Loser Is…

Michelle Obama presenting the Oscar for best picture at last night’s Oscars was over the line. She has inflicted herself upon TV talk shows, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, radio shows like Pimp With a Limp. Now this. Nothing is too low or too insignificant for her. It is a narcissism that’s creepy. It’s like a kind of propaganda.

She’s in our school cafeterias and our exercise workouts. Remember her workout in the East room of the White House for the Biggest Loser? Inconceivable to think of Laura Bush or Jackie Kennedy doing that. Here’s her latest stunt, appearing with Jimmy Fallon on his show.

Ever since I saw this and read comments about it I have to agree with one writer. He said now that Michelle has bangs, she reminds him of Flip Wilson as Geraldine. Her height and pumped arms reinforce that.

If you are too young to remember Flip Wilson, he was a black comedian known for several lines that he delivered well: “What you see is what you get,” “Here come da Judge.” Now they don’t seem particularly funny, but they did then. Except for the flip on her hair, Geraldine looks a lot like Michelle in this clip.

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