IB Schools and Indoctrination

IB schools were something I was unfamiliar with until yesterday. I heard them discussed briefly on a radio show in connection with a recent event in a Denton, Texas, school.

The Blaze tells it:

Earlier this week in Denton, Texas, the First Amendment seems to have been compromised by a few high school essays that mentioned the Second one.

High School seniors at Denton High School were given a simple assignment in their English class: Write a paragraph about something you did over the weekend. There was no additional direction on topics for the essay. However, a few students who wrote about guns, including attending a gun show or going to shop for a gun, were told that they would be given a zero on the assignment if they did not change what they were writing about.

The teacher, Mr. Dewey Christian, reportedly told the students that the topic was unacceptable.

Denton High School senior Alex Wright explained what happened to him:

“Mr. Christian said I want you all to write a paper, write about a fun experience you had… a nice experience. … So I said, me and my mom went to Cabella’s to buy a gun. As soon as he heard the word “gun,” he told me to sit down.”

The boy’s mother went to talk to the school and demand an apology. The upshot was that she is still not satisfied with the teacher’s supposed apology.

What makes this interesting is that this school is an IB school. There are thousands across the country. In Memphis, Germantown High School, Ridgeway and Lausanne are IB schools.

What do they teach? Here is some clarification via Canada Free Press from writer Cathy Tyler:

“What I found certainly gave me reason for pause and alarm. IB is associated with United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Education (UNESCO). That alone tells me that I should be concerned when the United Nations is involved in the education of American children.

“IB has a socio-political agenda pushing ideas that are counter to American values and culture, if not outright anti-American. It promotes a collectivist mindset. The American Dream is based on equal opportunities and personal responsibility, not social and environmental justice pushed by IB.

“Some UNESCO mandates include a requirement to downplay nationality, social equity through redistribution of resources, and sustainable development by putting resources out of reach and redistributing others under the guise of social and environmental justice. The universal values taught by IB are NOT found in the Constitution, but rather in the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“Additionally, IB endorses the UN’s Earth Charter. Earth Charter is contrary to our Constitution. Earth Charter advocates redistribution of wealth between and within nations, same sex marriage, pantheism which equates God with the forces and laws of the universe, and military disarmament. The goal is to make the Earth Charter binding on all nations. These are not the Christian and American values I learned growing up in America . The Constitution provides for our Government to keep Americans safe which includes a strong military.

“A few examples of what IB educated children say (From Why International Baccalaureate IB is Un-A by Samuel Adams 1722 (YouTube) :

I would make people ride their bikes or walk, no cars.
I would eliminate factories because they pollute the air.
I would stop loggers from cutting down trees.
I would save all the animals in the world.

“These are not American ideas and, in my opinion, if parents were informed about what the IB Diploma is really about, they would run, not walk, to keep their children from being indoctrinated in these un-American ideas. Unfortunately, it seems they are not being informed about this program, and the article relative to IB in the Post and Courier seems to go to great lengths to keep the truth from being shared with its readers.”

She included this video:

This has been happening right under our noses.

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