Republican Caucus

Last night about 200 Republicans from all over Shelby County gathered at Woodland Hills to pick delegates to the March convention. It is an event that happens every two years to determine the next group of local Republican party leaders.

Any Republican is free to attend. There are a few requirements. You have to have voted recently. Should anyone challenge your bona fides, you must take an oath of allegiance to the party. That may sound a bit formulaic, but the other side could and probably has tried to infiltrate GOP ranks with the idea of mischief in mind.

The number of delegates from each precinct is based on the number of citizens who voted for the Republican presidential candidate in the last presidential election. For instance, in my precinct, we were awarded 5 delegates based on the voter records. Others may have many more and in places where the Republican presidential vote was negligible, the precinct is still awarded a delegate.

I’m happy to say that many Midtowners attended. That was a tribute to the local party as Woodland Hills is about as far a location from us as is possible and still be in Shelby County, plus the traffic heading east at rush hour is challenging. But once we were there, we had no difficulty determining our delegates. After a chair was selected, votes were taken on the delegates and their names are recorded along with pertinent information for the convention.

The next step will be Sunday, March 25, at Bartlett Community Center at 2. It is then that all delegates assemble and vote on officers and steering committee members. No one who failed to attend the caucus will vote unless their name had been written down by a friend at the caucus.

It should be an exciting and interesting day.

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