Wine in Stores Moves Closer

The day when you can pick up a bottle of Pinot Noir in your local Kroger, Walmart or Costco got a little closer yesterday. Red, White and Food reports “Today the Senate State and Local Government Committee voted to pass legislation that would allow local referendums on the sale of wine in Tennessee’s retail food stores.”

The group championing the sale credits Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey for moving the bill forward. Also, they raise a toast to Sen. Bill Ketron for sponsoring the bill and writing it so as to get it past the opposition. They continue:

Communities already approve liquor-by-the-drink and retail package stores by referendum, so having the same process for wine in retail food stores just makes sense. The fact that the Senate committee – the first group of legislators to vote on the bill this year – sees the value of placing local control in the hands of the voters makes us optimistic for the path of this legislation.

We feel strongly that, if individuals are given the opportunity to vote on this issue, we will see wine on the shelves of Tennessee’s retail food stores.

Below is the list of legislators in the Senate committee and how they voted on the legislation. Please take a minute to call or email the legislators in the Senate committee who voted “yes,” as well as Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, and thank them for looking out for Tennessee consumers.

• Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, (615) 741-4524,
• Voted “yes”:
Sen. Janice Bowling, (615) 741-6694,
Sen. Mark Green, (615) 741-2374,
Sen. Jack Johnson, (615) 741-2495,
Sen. Bill Ketron, (615) 741-6853,
Sen. Reginald Tate, (615) 741-2509,
• Voted “no”:
Sen. Thelma Harper
Sen. Mark Norris
Sen. John Stevens
Sen. Ken Yager

We look forward to the upcoming challenges of the House Local Government Subcommittee vote. We will provide additional details about that meeting when they become available.

Memphis area senator Mark Norris voted against allowing wine sales in groceries. I wonder if that pleased Buster owner Rommy Hammond?

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