Gun Rally Takes Aim

President Obama’s Organizing for America, which was trying to round up people to attend a pro gun control rally to influence legislators in Albany, New York, misfired.

Instead, the pro gun people came out in large numbers to overwhelm them.

Jason Howerton at the Blaze reports:

The National Rifle Association on Thursday held a massive rally in Albany, N.Y. to protest the Empire State’s restrictive gun laws signed into law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in January. The state’s massive gun control package gave New York the strictest gun laws in the United States.

NRA President David Keene fired up thousands of supporters outside the state Capitol, saying “we’ve lose battles before, we’ll not lose this war.”

“We’ll help you defeat the politicians depriving you of your rights,” Keene said. “We’ll do whatever is necessary. We will not allow those freedoms to be taken from us.”

NRA membership has seen a steady increase as lawmakers continue to debate future gun control legislation. Keene said the NRA now has close to 5 million members.

Here’s a clip of Keene at the rally.

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