Cohen’s Weekly Bragfest

Rep. Steven Cohen (D!) sends out a weekly email about what he has done in Congress this week. As you can imagine, half of it concerns the terrible things the Republicans in the House (and in general) are up to to make your life miserable. Chief message this week was how the sequestration – an evil Republican idea – will rain havoc upon the land and upon the residents of the 9th district. Oh, and, of course, the grant announcements of all the goodies he has been able to wrangle from the federal government for you!

Today is March 1 – the day sequestration goes into effect. It is critical that Republicans work with President Obama and Democrats on how best to prevent the across-the-board cuts from hurting our economy too much, and the House should remain in session until this is settled

. The impact of sequestration on the American economy, middle class families, and small businesses could be devastating. As a result of sequestration, Unemployment Insurance payments will be reduced, cuts will be made to the WIC food and nutrition program, and airports will see flight delays and FAA cuts.

I find it amusing that it is critical Republicans work with Obama and Democrats, not the other way around. Kind of hard to pin down Obama when he is out campaigning most of the time; that is, when he’s not busy golfing with Tiger. Why will unemployment payments be reduced because of the sequestration? Flight delays! What a horror because as we all know, that didn’t happen pre-sequestration because the government is such a well oiled machine.

I particularly like his next bit about GM and FedEx. Let’s hope FedEx does not experience the “good” GM has:

There’s also a possibility of the air traffic control tower shutting down at Millington Regional Jetport due to sequestration. Today I sent a letter to FAA Administrator Michael Huerta expressing my concern about a possible shutdown of the tower and its negative effects on the 9th District. The closing of any air traffic control towers in the Memphis region would have a negative impact on cargo flow. The flow of cargo is so important to our country’s economy, especially in the Memphis region with FedEx. What’s good for FedEx is good for the nation; formerly, it was said what is good for General Motors is good for the country.

In case you still didn’t get it, Cohen continues:

The clock is ticking. The faster Congress acts the better off the country will be. Democrats have put a balanced solution on the table. But Republicans have not offered a single proposal to address sequestration in this Congress. The GOP prefers sequesters over solutions – they don’t have a plan, and they have not allowed a vote on the Democratic plan. Unless House Republicans permit a vote, the middle class will pay a hefty price.

With the sequestration in effect, in the coming weeks and months, Americans will see: Greater uncertainty, instability, and insecurity in our economy; Teacher layoffs and indiscriminate cuts to special education; Debilitating cuts to health care for military families; and a loss of millions of meals for seniors. Time is of the essence, and Republicans must end their games and work with Democrats to replace these unnecessary cuts and enact legislation to create jobs, strengthen the middle class, grow the economy, and responsibly reduce the deficit. Click here to learn more about sequestration.

The click here reference is to a wheeze by the uber liberal Center for American Progress. The balance he refers to is to weigh down citizens with even more taxes and to let the spending continue at its frightening rate. By the way, the GOP has put many budgets on the table. They just die in the Senate. He hits on all the Dem talking points about hurting the children, old people, the disabled, women. Any time an American hiccups, it’s going to be blamed on sequestration and the Republicans. And, oh, by the way, wasn’t sequestration orginally President Obama’s idea?

The rest of this email concerns how Cohen attended the unveiling of the Rosa Parks statue in D.C.; how he likes that “This week the U.S. Senate approved Chuck Hagel as the new Secretary of Defense and Jack Lew as the new Secretary of the Treasury. Both men bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to their new roles;” how you can now switch to electronic deposit of things like Social Security checks and the rest of the largesse you can collect from Uncle Sam.

Cohen also mentions “EnergySmart Memphis is a year-long energy education and home improvement initiative designed to help Memphians save money on their energy costs. EnergySmart Memphis is a partnership between MLGW, City and County government agencies, Community Development Corporations and non-profit organizations, and the Tennessee Valley Authority. Through EnergySmart Memphis, an estimated 3,000 MLGW customers will receive in-depth energy conservation training; eligible customers will have weatherization improvements made to their home through this initiative; a series of Energy Education Workshops will be conducted city and county-wide at area libraries; and the initiative includes weatherization kits for qualified homeowners to receive minor and major home repairs.” Paving the way for universal smart meters? Probably.

I always like it when Congress goes on recess. Any time they are “busy” we suffer. I’m looking forward to them taking a long Easter break.

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