The Smart Box Next Door

Yesterday afternoon the dog and I heard voices in our neighbor’s driveway and went to the window to see what was going on.

Parked in front of our house was an MLGW van. An employee had gotten out and was holding a meter in his hands. He then went down the driveway to show it to our neighbor. Looks like he took out the old one and replaced it with the smart meter.

MLGW’s relentless path to see that all Memphians replace their meter with a “smart” meter is underway. This one must be part of the 60,000 new ones the City Council voted to OK, following the “test” market of an initial 1,200 of them.

Anyone wondering what the objections to the smart meter are and how they will impact you can look back on this site and find the four part series I did on them after talking to an MLGW vice president. It is the version the media will not tell you.

The couple next door’s embrace of this progressive move towards loss of our freedoms doesn’t surprise me. Neither does their three story house for two people. Neither does their SUV, which is used to shuttle one person around town. Neither does their absence for several years when they have been working in Saudi Arabia. That has made the house occupant just one person for 80% of the year. Quite a carbon footprint you might say.

Their lifestyle doesn’t agree with their liberal agenda, so I suppose getting a smart meter makes them feel better about themselves. Less hypocritical. As a conservative, I have no qualms about people living in large houses, driving big cars or using all the energy they want to as long as they pay for it.

But don’t foist your misguided beliefs on me. And that is what will happen. The smart meter concept doesn’t work with just a few citizens using them. They must have 100% compliance to be effective. That means we who don’t want them will have our wishes overridden by liberal misconceptions.

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  1. Thanks so much for this information! Mlgw posted their “time of use” rates, and the summer peak rates are outrageous! I might be able to cut back in the afternoon, but most businesses cannot. They will pass the cost onto us.

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