Paul’s Road to Damascus Moment

Hallelujah! A Republican finally gets it and is leading the way forward – our forward, not Obama’s.

Rand Paul’s 13 hour filibuster yesterday protesting the administration’s use of drones to kill Americans in the U.S. without even an arrest or trial is the kind of attention grabbing act that we need to do. It captured the attention of the media, well, some of them, as well as informed citizens and even LoVos.

For too long our members have acted as if they are terrified of going up against the mighty Obama. Look, he didn’t win that handily. It wasn’t that tight. Some who voted for him did it because of race or because they thought he understood them better than Romney did. It wasn’t necessarily that they agreed with his policies. We are still a nation more conservative than liberal.

What do Republicans have to lose by stepping up anyhow? It’s mediocrity and timidity that repulse voters. Why do we not remember what Bin Laden said? Remember how he believed that given a choice between a strong horse and a weak one people would always choose the strong horse? Rand Paul showed them how in his filibuster yesterday.

It was good that Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee lent him a hand. If Paul continues to act like this he will find a smooth road to the presidency. And Republicans who follow will help us keep the House in 2014 and maybe get the Senate.

It’s about time!

Charles Krauthammer puts it this way:

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