Cohen’s Weekly Update

Our House member has been busy working for us in D.C. – according to our House member.

Rep. Steve Cohen appeared on Al Jazeera, which is still going by the name of Current TV; I wonder why? Anyhow, did you know we Republicans are ground hogs? We are, according to Cohen and the host of the show. He explains. There was a judiciary committee meeting and “I felt like Bill Murray. It’s groundhog day in Washington. The Republicans come up with the same pablum and regurgitate it over and over and over.”

Hm. I didn’t thing ground hogs regurgitate. And regurgitate mixed with over and over and over? Regurgitate means to do something over and over and over. Please, Steve! Don’t insult our intelligence.

He then goes on to bash blue dog Democrats for joining Republicans for cutting any programs at all. Ah, the sequestration holocaust! Two cents out of every dollar that only applies to an increase in the budget not the status quo. That is belt tightening at an unbelievable level, isn’t it?

Now it was time for Cohen to bash the Defense Department. Then he uses the talking points words of “fiscal cliff,” “Hurricane Sandy” and “violence against women.” Boehner’s in an “untenable position,” but “he’ll get what he wants.” Wait, isn’t that contradictory?

Cohen continues, saying that Boehner won’t be able to get 218 votes for anything. Republicans are disorganized, he says, and the American people backed Democrats in the last election in social and fiscal issues. The only reason Republicans kept the House was because of gerrymandering, he says. We’re in trouble, Cohen believes.

I wonder if he knows about Rand Paul’s filibuster and the tremendous effect for the good that had on the GOP? Nah.

Of course Cohen can’t let five minutes go by without bashing the Tea Party. “Ideologues” he calls them. I get the feeling that word should shake me to the core. “They are the problem,” Cohen crows. “And I said it first on Current TV about two years ago.”

That would be around the time the Tea Party boosted the GOP to an unprecedented victory, wasn’t it? No wonder he thought they were the problem. By the way, he talks about them as a problem like the Nazis spoke of the Jews, doesn’t he? A problem needing a “final solution” perhaps?

The host claims Republicans are holding “the government hostage.” That’s more of a masterstroke than we Republicans believe they are capable of, considering we only have one arm of government and they have two.

He continues. The GOP wants to “gut the 47%.” Back to his talking points. Republicans don’t care about the poor, the middle class and having ladders of opportunity. Gee, aren’t the richest people in the country Democrats? Somehow he works Colgate and cavities into his narrative. An attempt to get the highly prized dental constituency?

Cohen doesn’t get away before pushing his dream of legalizing marijuana. Just because Americans are for it makes it the right thing to do, evidently, and there would be no bad consequences at all.

The host ends by saying the people of Cohen’s district are “certainly well represented.”

Do you feel that way?

Here’s the whole nauseating video. But, beware, your brain will be spinning from the non sequiturs and ill logic Cohen uses.

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