Proponents Pour on Efforts for Wine

Red, Wine and Food reports on the continued fight to get wine in grocery stores:

“In its meeting on Tuesday, the Senate Finance, Ways and Means Committee created a subcommittee to get all interested parties together to discuss possible amendments to the wine in retail food stores referendum bill.

“Showing a desire to continue the bill’s momentum in the Senate, the subcommittee held this meeting earlier today. Representatives from the Tennessee Grocers & Convenience Store Association, Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers Association, Tennessee Malt Beverage Association, Tennessee Fuel & Convenience Store Association, and other interested parties attended to discuss their opinions with this group of legislators.

“Amendments were brought up on such issues as delaying the ability for retail food stores to obtain licenses until 2016 in those municipalities that passed the referendum, the ability for liquor stores to sell other items and allowing high-gravity beer to be part of the bill as well as wine.

“We are glad to see continued movement in the Senate, as we still see this as good legislation that can be made comprehensive for all sides.

“Also, thanks to all of you for your support, especially these past few days. We share your extreme disappointment with the House Local Government Committee’s voting against the bill.

“There is always the possibility that a committee can reconsider a bill it has voted down. We are hoping this option will be discussed by the House Local Government Committee, considering the circumstances of the vote and the slim margin.

“With that in mind, please always remember to be respectful and professional when contacting your legislators. Showing a positive image is the best way to garner their support.”

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