Sticking It to Us

Professor William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection blog (a very good one) collects pictures of bumper stickers people spot in their driving about. Bumper stickers are like the crawl on TV news shows; you can’t help yourself. You’re a captive audience. You read them.

Whenever I see the Obama ones I bristle. Surely, I think, the driver and company can’t be that stupid. In Midtown, we probably see more of them than in other parts of the city. We often see other ones with a Midtown slant such as the one I saw this morning. It read “3810green” a takeoff on the 38104 bumper sticker touting Midtown.

Green? Puhleez! There are a few assumptions in “green” that irritate. Evidently the driver believes in global warming, smart meters, conserving our “precious” resources, solar stuff. The vehicle happened to be a truck (not a business one), which makes you wonder how they feel about fuel consumption when it comes to their own driving.

Another one that caught my attention: “Binghampton is Memphis.” It’s another take off of the popular “Midtown is Memphis” meme. Only this one appears to have a sly comment. Binghampton is not exactly a cool, hip, attractive place. More like hot with crime, hip hop and rundown. Guess that conforms more to the driver’s view of the Bluff City than the old homes, tree shading streets of Midtown. Not surprising, then, that his license plate was from DeSoto County.

Then there is the ubiquitous “I Love My Rescue” bumper. Good. I love rescues, too, but also my purebred akita. He was rescued, too, from a breeder for money. In paying for him we helped the economy, didn’t we and helped the owner provide for his family and make tax money for our Uncle?

One day I hope to see some other kinds of bumper stickers. “Midtown is Republican” – that would be a nice change, wouldn’t it? How about “38104theUSA”? Or “My Dog is Smarter Than our Democrat Rep.”

Just keep a look out the back window. Shocked drivers might run into you.

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