White House Insider Returns

The White House Insider has once again contacted DW Ulsterman. He’s been hearing a lot of interesting things and shares them below. Caution, the language is not nursery school clean.

I wanted to give you a quick heads up on a plan I learned about a couple days back. Filtered back to some operatives who are already putting feelers out for ’16 and then made its way back to little old me.

DNC and the Obama action for assholes group, or whatever that Messina boys club thing is, has already laid out in detail, the big scare out the vote campaign for 2014. It’s all about the entitlements. Big push. Big. Big. Big. Now I have to think that the Boehner for boneheads crew is not so out of it stupid that they don’t know this is coming, but wouldn’t put it past them.

R.I. (Republican Insider) is doing a helleva job the past few weeks. I see his angle in this thing. He’s wanting that prime time spot so bad now. He’s so close he can almost reach out and touch it. So R.I. has got to know about what’s coming and he’ll be all over it because he has to prove himself in ’14 if he wants to get a ticket on the You Must Be This Tall ride for ’16.

Just wanted to let you and your readers know. Of course you say they’re so smart so maybe they already know it. Just smart enough maybe to miss it. That’s what the Dems are counting on. Look over here! Hey, is that an Iranian nuke? Hey! What’s going on in Greece? Italy? Don’t be fooled. Keep your eye on the prize and that’s ’14. Not some Dennis Rodman kisses North Korean ass bullshit. Goddamn media is so far gone it’s almost back again. If you watch for it you’ll see all the signs. The collusion between the WH and the media. Then everyone needs to call bullshit and roll it all back on them. Just like what happened with the Sequester which is still kicking Obama’s ass. Man oh man did R.I. call that one or what? Nice work young fella! Maybe there really is something to all his talk about alternative media educate the masses thing he’s always going on about. Lord knows the Obama gang has had all that cornered since ’07. With a lot of help from some big fish who now regret big time their hand in helping create this monster. There’s stupid. There’s Obama stupid. And there’s I helped get him elected Obama stupid. Shit.

The big roll out is coming in a few more weeks give or take. Going to be poor grandma and poor grandpa, he fought in the war but now he can’t get his surgery, or his pills, and everyone is going to die if the Republicans keep the House, blah-blah-blah. Scare tactics x1000 is what’s coming up now. Thing is, you can’t just discount this stuff. These Obama operatives are good at this thing, and the media has become one big Obama operative too. And with the millions of dollars that the Obama action for assholes organization is going to be dumping into all this, if people don’t get ready to talk back the lies and hold up the truth, then they will win. Again. Don’t underestimate these people. They will do what needs to be done. Period. Don’t forget, it worked for them in 2012. They are going to go all-in on that same method in ’14. Among other things I still say went down too. I know, I know, I’m supposed to let that stuff go. I can’t. Never gonna. Dishonest motherfuckers.

Hey, got a little story to share with you too. Real short but makes a heck of a point and coming from an old dog like me who still likes to hunt even if we have to gum our prey these days. He’s retired military. Hell of a good guy. Been out for a spell. Don’t want to say exactly how long. Anyways, the subject of Benghazi comes up with him and me. Kind of out of the blue thing. He gets all fired up. I mean he’s so pissed and going off about this and that. This has happened with other people on this subject before. Basically he puts it to me like this. How is that we have four dead Americans and one of them is a United States Ambassador for fuck’s sake. And we got video and photos of the people who did the killings. Who planned and implemented the attack on U.S. soil. He kept making that point over and over again too. They attacked U.S. soil. But not one single person who did the attacks has been brought to justice by the Obama administration. Not one. C’mon now. And there’s a guy high up in that food chain who has been lounging in and around Benghazi for months. Months! Right out in the open. No fear. And then he starts asking about the survivors. You’ve mentioned that too. All those survivors and not one word. Nothing. Like they don’t exist. Then he says the real kicker. He calls out Senators McCain and Graham. Now I haven’t said one word about those two to him. Ever. But this old boy he is ripping them all kinds of ways. A good ten minutes about how they did this that and the other with military appropriations for years and years. I played the other side a little and said how McCain was a war hero. This guy, who was in a lot longer than McCain, comes right back with telling me, “You ain’t no goddamn hero if you’ve spent the last twenty years being a traitor.” Benghazi is a very deep and very dark hole. I’ve hinted at what I think I know, but I think it goes even farther than that. Real bad juju. And this guy laid out a term I hadn’t hear before. “Diplomatic Immunity”. For terrorists? Who in the hell inside that administration would be fool enough to go that route? Second question. How in the hell do they get away with it?

Whew! Now we need to get this guy to write a book about that! The shit he knows on McCain and Graham alone could fill volumes. He’s old school military though and they don’t talk. Which I respect. But part of me says you got to talk big fella. Spill it! Maybe he will in his own way. I would love to be in the front row for that one. Maybe that’s why old soldiers never die. They know how to keep their mouths shut.

Ok. Enough for now. Good job on the book. Watch for the big Mediscare campaign roll out. And take care of yourself. You up for some fishing?

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