Chairman Maps Out Plan

Justin Joy
Justin Joy
“We have a lot of work to do,” remarked Justin Joy after his re-election as chairman of the Shelby GOP at Sunday’s convention.

He thanked the delegates and then shared his thoughts on the next two years of his term.

Joy noted that we now have a supermajority in the Tennessee legislature which is a good thing. However, he said the state GOP wants to focus on Democrat strongholds in the state and Shelby County is probably the largest. Joy emphasized that the ballot coming up in 2014 will be the largest in the state’s history, so we will have to work hard to win again as we did in 2010.

“Two things are of the utmost importance,” he said. “And both relate to grassroots. Grassroots participation still wins elections on the national, state and local levels. Here in Shelby County we have to do better.” The chairman outlined a ward and precinct plan in which we have people assigned to get out the vote. “We need to start now with one and replicate it. We might not get to all 220 precincts, but we’ll try.

“Second, I would like to see a development of programs to support these people. I’m looking for teams to help out with that.” Joy said he was pleased at the convention turnout, but urged “please stay involved and get engaged. We want to make 2014 a big year!”

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