Luttrell Nixes Ritz Recall

Fox 13 reports:

At the Shelby County Republican Convention Vice Chairman Mick Wright proposed a petition drive to begin a recall of District One Commissioner Mike Ritz.

Wright criticized Ritz for not voting with his fellow Republicans on key issues, including the creation of suburban school districts and an attempt to raise the county sales tax.

In response Ritz said if he was ousted it could help him gain some voters if he decided to run for county mayor as an Independent in 2014.

But, current Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell says he’s not interested in supporting a recall effort, especially since he feels Ritz has committed no malfeasance of office.

“I’m not a strong proponent of the recall process unless there’s just egregious behavior,” Mayor Luttrell said. “I don’t think we’ve seen egregious behavior from Chairman Ritz. We have an electoral process to handle situations like this where people don’t agree with their elected officials. There’s an electoral process.

“Chairman Ritz and I have had our differences, but we’ve also had periods where we worked well together,” Mr. Luttrell added. “I certainly would not be in support of trying to remove him, any other way than through the electoral process.”

As for the prospect of Ritz becoming a candidate to challenge him next year, Mayor Luttrell says he would welcome the competition. But, he notes it’s way too early to speculate just who his challengers might be.

On his facebook page Mick Wright added, “Reporters keep confusing the Ritz recall with an attempt to remove the commissioner from the Republican party. But I’m not interested in removing him from the party; I would like him removed from office.”

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