Prince’s Eary Tale

The UKExpress reports that Prince “Charles told guests at a reception in Qatar that the Arabic language ‘goes in one ear and out the other.’ā€

As the British say, quite! It’s not surprising that those two jug ears would capture some information, spin it around in the vast canyon between them and exit quickly.

It’s not surprising either that Prince Charles is a twit. What intelligent person would validate the accusations of an opponent? He’s done it before.

Nor is it surprising that an aide disclosed later that the Prince is taking lessons in Arabic so he can read the Koran as it was written. The title of Defender of the Faith that comes with being king or queen he already rejected in favor of Defender of Faith. He must have chuckled at his own cleverness on that one, but I don’t think his ancestors would.

You have to feel sorry for the Queen. She must blanch every time he talks. At least she’ll be gone when he reigns. The rest of them will have to rely on their stiff upper lips.

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