Setting the Tone

The attitude of the Obama administration in which race is continually brought up and used against people has set the tone for the nation. Every issue gets race injected into it: education, immigration, employment, religion, taxation, food. You name it, it’s got a root cause of racism.

Easter Sunday Obama managed to have it again injected via the minister’s sermon at the church of Presidents, St. John’s, in Washington D.C. He may not have known the Rev. Leon would slur conservatives as racists, but Obama didn’t get up, walk out or comment on it. Neither did his flunky, Jay Carney.

Racism and division have become constant drumbeats in politics. The echoes were heard even on our own County Commission. Channel 5 reported last night:

Shelby County Commissioner Henri Brooks announced she’d heard enough in the midst of a debate Monday over residency requirements.

“And I think today is the last day that I’ll be able to do this,” said Brooks.

She said she was done with putting up with discourteous comments by fellow commissioners.

“And several times it has come from the chairman,” said Brooks.

She compared the perceived disrespect to something you might expect from members of the KKK, who rallied Saturday a block from the county building on the courthouse steps.

“It makes you look like these people the Memphis Police Department had to put in a bus and bring on Court Street so they could sound off,” said Brooks.

What a gratuitous, asinine remark! We have watched as this terrible charge has been used against Americans time and again. It melts down from the top – Obama – and is soiling everyone below.

Used to be a president considered the health of the nation before he said anything. They used to consider they were president of all the people, not just one segment.

Not so with Obama. Is it any wonder the country is divided more than it ever has been since the Civil War? With the legacy of the tumultuous 60’s, that’s saying something.

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