Shelby GOP Officers

Here is the final report of officers for the Shelby GOP:

Chairman Justin Joy
First Vice-Chairman Peggy Larkin
Second Vice-Chairman Arnold Weiner
Third Vice-Chairman Lynn Moss
Fourth Vice-Chairman Mick Wright
Treasurer John Niven
Vice-Treasurer Kim Perry
Recording Secretary Mary Jane Anderson
Vice-Recording Secretary Barbara Rose
Corresponding Secretary Jean Drumwright
Vice-Corresponding SecretaryJane Houghland
At Large Position 1 Jane Pierrotti
At Large Position 2 William Bryan
At Large Position 3 Sharon Hyde
At Large Position 4 Keith Hoffman
At Large Position 5 Josh Fox
At Large Position 6 John Behnke
At Large Position 7 Mitchell Morrison
At Large Position 8 Kevin Hardin
District 83 John Williams
District 84 Meg Clifton
District 86 Robin Haraway
District 87 Bob Morgan
District 90 Georgeann King
District 91 Curt Cowan
District 93 Wayne West
District 95 Mike Shearin
District 96 James Harrell
District 97 Randy VanHooris
District 98 David Shiffman
District 99 Chris Connolly
Primary Board Chairman Thomas Owen
Primary Board Position 1 Yvonne Burton
Primary Board Position 2 Geoff Diaz
Primary Board Position 3 Brad Snyder
Primary Board Position 4 Brandon Weise

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