I hope you have seen this clip of Michelle Obama. In it she tells the interviewer how hard it is for her as a “busy, single mother.” Only, of course, she’s not.

She corrected herself, but I think her Freudian slip is showing. Many people have wondered about the nature of their relationship. There are suggestions that he has had relationships outside heterosexual ones, but that is not something that has ever been proved. But something caused Michelle to blurt this out.

On the most superficial level, doesn’t it show a mindset of victimization? That was her kneejerk reaction – she’s a victim and that entitles her to our sympathy. That is disturbing enough.

But tell that to real single mothers. How insulting! Here’s the First Lady with a staff of hundreds. Does she have to worry about coming home and fixing dinner? Taking the kids to the doctor? Driving a carpool? Driving to afterschool activities? Does she have to wonder if she’ll make ends meet this month? That the kids will be safe at their school? Not with Secret Service protection; not with cooks and drivers; not with secretaries to remember every appointment they have; not with the largesse they have obtained from years in politics.

Sorry, Michelle. I won’t be shedding any tears for you.

And isn’t this the life they chose? They didn’t have to pursue the office. They chose to. They knew what it entailed. They knew enough to go for it a second time. This isn’t like a breadwinner who has to take a job he or she hates to subsist or one who has to move to an unfamiliar area to earn a living.

This is one of the most shameful attempts a First Lady has ever made to try to win over public opinion.

Maybe she should take her husband’s advice to “shake it off. That’s what I’m talking about!”
That’s what he told a downcast boy at the Easter egg roll (Barf alert: Diane Sawyer and this reporter nearly canonize Obama in this clip.).

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