Republican Opens Eatery

Clay Shelton, who ran as a Republican who ran for State House District 89 in 2010, has opened a bar downtown. The Flyer wrote on March 21:

After a breakfast at the Brass Door, consider lunch next door at The Mad Earl, a younger, more casual, British-themed cousin to Seamus Loftus’ Irish pub, which opened last weekend.

Ireland and England right next door to each other?

“It’s a companion piece to the Brass Door,” says Loftus, owner of both restaurants. “What we’re hoping to do is create a space for a young, cool crowd to hang out. The Brass Door is such a beautiful pub, we needed a space where we could let our hair down.”

The English-themed sports bar and sandwich shop on Madison (“Mad” for Madison, “Earl” for the Earl of Sandwich) is physically connected to the Brass Door via entryways upstairs and downstairs. (Since the Brass Door is housed in a former bank building, manager and chef Clay Shelton says they had to break through four walls of heavy concrete to create the passageway.)

But the Mad Earl will be distinct from the neighboring pub in its more playful vibe. Decked out with around 10 televisions and one 96-inch projection screen, the bar will certainly draw sports fans, while the downstairs game room, complete with pool tables and arcade games, is aimed at local law and med students eager for a break from studying.

Prices will also be student-budget-friendly, focused on a variety of bottled and draught beers, a standard house red and white wine, and plenty of well liquors. As for food, Shelton is whipping up good, cheap sandwiches and bar food — with a twist.

“Almost everything is being cooked sous vide,” says Shelton, referring to the method of cooking food in airtight plastic bags in a water bath. “We’re cooking everything slow, including chicken wings cooked long and slow until tender and finished under a broiler until crispy.”

“The Mad Earl” sandwich, a house specialty, will be made with slow-cooked top round sliced thin and served au jus with horseradish sauce. Shelton also plans to offer build-your-own salads, chicken sandwiches, kale chips, soft pretzels with beer cheese, and a variety of “options for everyone.”

Still in its soft-opening phase, the Mad Earl will be open every day from 4 p.m. to 3 a.m. Once the ball gets rolling, Shelton says they will stay open from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m. seven days a week.

Midtown Republicans – and others around town – should go downtown and support this effort. I plan to!

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