Operating on a Shoestring

When people become disillusioned with local government and start bemoaning its state, perhaps they should shoulder some of the responsibility.

Yes, we live in a Democrat city. That explains a lot of the problem. For instance, in their eyes there are never enough taxes on everyone except their constituents. There is never enough money to fund all their causes. Our schools spend a billion dollars on education and the results are pathetic. So their answer is to ask for more.

They get by with it because enough Republicans in the County hang back from voting and hang back from getting involved. At a recent meeting held by Shelby GOP Chairman Justin Joy he pointed out that in the August 2012 election some 62,700 Republicans voted. That’s good.

He commented that if just 1% of them paid the $25 dues to the Shelby GOP or contributed some other amount we’d have plenty of money to operate. It would greatly help our candidates get elected. It would change the direction of this city.

In reality, Joy said, “less than one half of one tenth of a percent contribute.”

How can any group be successful with such a puny sum? Yet, we managed to do a great job in the 2010 elections. Think what we could do with a little more!

As Joy noted, some Memphians don’t even know a Shelby GOP exists. He’d like to give us a higher profile. He’d like to see us reach out on the grassroots level and make our presence known in our neighborhoods.

It’s a good idea, but it needs support and specifically, monetary support. If you can’t spare $25 a year to help get a better government, that is unfortunate. Our city is certainly worth fighting for.

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