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It comes via D.W. Ulsterman. He says “we have a war going on up here right now.” Always interesting:

REPUBLICAN INSIDER- “Democrats Trying To Use Guns To Kill The Tea Party And Win 2014″

by Ulsterman on April 8, 2013

As a flurry of activity takes over the corridors of power in Washington D.C., a Republican Insider sends a quick message on how Democrats and the Obama White House will use the gun issue to try and “kill the Tea Party and take back the House in 2014″.

RI: I received all your messages but just haven’t had any time to respond. Things are getting pretty crazy up here. I’ll try to keep this brief but still give you some idea on what is going on right now.

First we have the Toomey Office drama. Our people are screaming back at their people. They think something is going to be passed regardless so why not try to get input into a compromise. That is their position and they refuse to budge on it. We are telling them it’s a trap. They don’t care. I am so sick and tired of these idiotic Republicans who refuse to see what is right in front of them.

The trap is that the Senate wants to send something to the House and then have it stall there and spin that in the 24/7 news cycle about how out of touch and dysfunctional House Republicans are. That sets up 2014. Obama, the First Lady, and Biden are all scheduled to do a major media push at the same time. We are telling the Toomey office all of this but they don’t care. Or they think we are totally wrong. I don’t know.

Then we get word Senator Paul’s office was told by Republican leadership that basically he either shuts up or faces a primary challenge and possibly other repercussions. Think it was from someone over at the RNC but haven’t followed that up to confirm who it was yet. Don’t know if Cruz has received a similar threat but would assume he has.

I also was given a heads up that the McCain office has been in direct contact with the Obama operation on this issue. For weeks. McCain apparently indicated his full support of a “compromise bill” between Senate Republicans and Democrats on gun control and even worse, he apparently is aware of what is being attempted with the issue against House Republicans and he is fine with that. He can’t stand the Tea Party wing of the party and wants it gone. For good.

One of my most trusted colleagues up here put it this way. “The Democrats are trying to use guns to kill the Tea Party and win 2014.” This was after a brief meeting she had with someone from the Manchin office. You might have already seen reports of Senator Manchin and Senator Toomey working together on the gun control compromise. The Democrats really think they have Republicans cornered on this one not so much because of the issue itself, but because they are thinking they can exploit the current division between the old Republican leadership and the new voices of the party.

Don’t know if I’m explaining it well enough for you but I’ll try to put it in very simple language. The gun compromise is actually an attempt by both Obama Democrats and the Republican leadership to deliver a very forceful “bitch slap” against people like Senator Rand Paul, Senator Ted Cruz, and others.

Basically we have a war going on up here right now.

You know what side I’m on.

I say we end run this issue. The Democrats really have no idea how upset people are getting over this gun grab stuff. And neither do the Republican leadership. Going to use that anger against them. All of them.

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