Sequefesta Will Fester

No, I didn’t watch the Obama party channel last night. Their latest tax payer funded good times repulses me and probably you, too. Although I noticed last night that the Drudge Report was streaming the whole thing. I think that was a way of showing up their living large and a flipping the bird to PBS which will show it next Tuesday night in a special broadcast.

I don’t need to see him singing along with Justin Timberlake. Or Mrs. O in some flamboyant getup dancing around (Let’s Move, y’all) even if it does feature Memphians. Notice how he zeroed in on the racial divide in our city. Obama is permanently frozen in the pre Civil Rights Act era.

He got his little Republican dig in by saying that “even the governor of Tennessee said he’s going to dance tonight.” The implication is that GOPers are too old, staid and fuddy duddy to have a good time. Wouldn’t you love it if Haslam had gotten up at that moment and started swiveling and break dancing? Not so much Cohen as that would have been a scene that would have permanently embedded itself in our bad memory bank. By the way, did anyone mention Elvis or was he too white? I think he had a little bit to do with Memphis music, but hey, that’s just me.

I think it was in extreme bad taste to go lavish when the White House refuses to find funds for tourists to take a look at the people’s house. Some of the staff probably share that sentiment what with White House assistant chef Sam Kass joing about 480 White House staffers getting furlough notices.

Maybe it’s a good thing for Washington DC to get a taste of what the rest of the country is having to stomach – money worth less, costs rising, people out of a job for years and still looking, others taking disability to get by.

No wonder Obama didn’t mention the blues. We’re all getting to know those tunes all to well.

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