Everything That’s Wrong Right Here

Yesterday Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky) went to Howard University to address the students. In this clip, a student displays everything that’s wrong with America:

I find the student’s attitude breathtaking. Is this where education has brought us today? People believe – and want – total control over their lives by the government.

It’s not an attitude shared by previous generations of Americans. They embraced freedom.They went and fought for it. They realized what it meant not to have it.

For today’s generation freedom means nothing. Young people don’t understand what it is anymore. They seem to be OK with the government ordering every facet of their lives. In fact, they think it operates for the good of the country. Young people expect the government to be responsible for food, shelter, education, jobs, housing, transportation, day care, elderly care, weather disasters, health – you name it. They believe it should be watching us from cradle to grave.

How else to explain Barack Obama’s rise to power? Dependency is what he promised and dependency is what many Americans wanted.

In the end, this explains why Republicans have such a difficult time now. We believe in and are selling a product – freedom – that no one wants anymore. This, more than any stance on the economy, immigration, women or foreign policy, brought us defeat in 2012.

And it’s something that we, as liberty loving Republicans, can’t comprehend. We understand the threat of big government. We’ve seen how it fails and how it imprisons able bodied people.

Senator Paul is on the right track to tackle this head on. That, and the eventual realization that government “perks” come at a big price will eventually open eyes. In the meantime, much damage has been done to the American way of life.

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