Nanny Has His Eye on You

While many of us view Nanny Bloomberg as a New York City problem, that is unfortunately not true.

Bloomberg isn’t content with just reining in freedoms for New Yorkers. He has decided to use his Daddy Warbucks reserves to change things around the nation. He has singled out gun control as an issue he wants to influence and has started funneling money for ads to this effect.

But that’s not all he’s interested in. He’s meddling in state politics as well. For example, Illinois yesterday. Legalinsurrection blog reports: “Machine candidate Robin Kelly defeated conservative Paul McKinley in the special election to replace Jesse Jackson, Jr., in Congress that was held yesterday in Illinois’ Second District.”

Kelly is a black Democrat and McKinley is a black Republican. No shock that Kelly won, but he got a lot of help from Mayor Bloomberg. Bloomy gave him about $2.2 million to McKinley’s war chest of $10,000 and ads sponsored by the Tea Party.

Why would Bloomberg bother in this election? Maybe because he wants to squash the Tea Party. Kelly promised “Watch us take on the NRA, the Tea Party, and anyone else standing in the way of our safety. Watch us mobilize families and turn grief into action just like the families of victims of gun violence have done in powering this campaign each and every day.”

It’s music to Bloomberg’s ears.

Maybe he also fears a coming GOP backlash to the Obama schemes. Legalinsurrection says,

Nevertheless McKinley, who heralded last night as the beginning of a movement, has brushed the local media’s Machine-covering and the festering Illinois Republican Party’s lack of support of his race off his shoulder. While the Republican establishment may not be interested in supporting minority candidates with conservative principles, his supporters, who crowded into the second floor of a local church community center to celebrate this Republican’s challenge of the Machine, are undaunted.

I spoke with several of the people who had gathered there who said to me that, as inner-city black Republicans, they’re used to being ignored by the party and by the media, but they are ready for revolution in their community. One man told he had been so inspired by McKinley that he flew in for Election Night from Georgia. Because of McKinley’s example, he sought out his first Tea Party meeting. To his surprise, he said, “they weren’t racist!”–and he has been attending ever since. He now plans to mount a similar campaign of his own in a Democrat stronghold in Georgia.

Bloomberg has indicated he’s all in on elections across the country. A bite out of the Big Apple is not curbing his increasing appetite for power.

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