Cohen’s True Colors

After getting attention for the tweet that outed him as the father of a “hot” chick during the President’s State of the Union address, Rep. Steve Cohen liked the limelight so much he decided to do it again.

This time, according to his statement below, he was setting a trap. This is what he released:

“On Tuesday night, the President and Mrs. Obama, along with the Grammys and PBS, hosted a musical tribute to Memphis Soul at the White House. Wanting to promote this great program, which will air this coming Tuesday on PBS, I realized the best way to do this was to tweet and delete. I knew the Sunlight Foundation would highlight the deleted tweet as a Politwoop and knowing how some in the media report deleted Politwoops as nefarious, it occurred to me that a perfectly innocent, factually-correct tweet, once deleted, would receive great media attention. And that is exactly what happened when I tweeted:

@cyndilauper great night,couldn’t believe how hot u were.see you again next Tuesday.try a little tenderness.

“The night at the White House was great, I was amazed at Cyndi Lauper’s hot performance and I look forward to seeing her performance of “Try a Little Tenderness” again when it airs next Tuesday on PBS. That’s what the tweet said but that’s not how it has been speciously interpreted in the media.

“For two months, I’ve had in my mind the movie Absence of Malice, the first screenplay by Kurt Luedtke, a former reporter. The movie highlights the damage done to persons, albeit with a legal absence of malice, because of sloppy, “gotcha” journalism.

“Lauren Kirchner, a former Columba (sic) Journalism Review assistant editor, wrote that as a first semester student in journalism school, she was assigned the 1981 Sydney Pollack film Absence of Malice by one of the professors of the required Ethics course. As Ms. Kirchner states in a July 15, 2011 article, the reporter played by Sally Field “forgets she’s talking to actual people, people who will have to live with the effects of what she writes about them.”

“Two months ago, my family was personally hurt and victimized by sensationalized, fact-less speculation masquerading as journalism. I hope this serves to bring attention to the need for journalistic integrity as well as encouraging everyone to watch the spectacular and hot performances of Memphis music by Cyndi Lauper, as well as Justin Timberlake, William Bell, Steve Cropper, Sam Moore, Booker T. Jones, Queen Latifah, Ben Harper, Charlie Musselwhite, Eddie Floyd, Alabama Shakes, Joshua Ledet, and Mavis Staples on PBS next Tuesday evening.”

First, I don’t think anyone was shocked by this tweet. If anything, people were repulsed that a man in his 60s would use the term “hot” referring to a has been singer from the 80s. He keeps trying to look like Studs Muffin (do real men have to prove this?), but he comes off as a stud dud.

Since when do serious people – particularly lawmakers – set traps for reporters? Doesn’t he have better things to do than wallow in this? Cohen must be suffering from a different kind of attention deficit disorder to pull a stunt like this.

Nobody here was castigating him for having a daughter out of wedlock when he broke that news. Perhaps we should have. Americans could use a little morality in their lives. But as Rush Limbaugh says, for Democrats having a sexual peccadillo is a resume enhancer. I think the reaction in Memphis was a slight bit surprised, followed by a shrug of the shoulders. Mr. Cohen, most Memphians have bigger problems to worry about than whether you behaved yourself decades ago. Things like jobs, subsistence and whether you are going to tax our savings away.

Finally, it is humorous to think you’d quote a 1981 movie. Sadly our citizens and in particular young citizens can’t remember who the last president was much less a minor movie of 32 years ago.

I’d say get over yourself and get back to business, Rep. Cohen, but I can’t honestly say I’d prefer that. The less Congress does, the better. This is especially true of the Democrats. Maybe they’d stop inflicting their stupid ideas and constitutional grabs if they convened less.

The whole affair shows his – pardon me – True Colors. I guess boys just want to have fun.

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